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What does Finnish creativity mean? We roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Here, in a corner of the world with the most darkness and the most light, we have always had to be resourceful to survive. That is why our creativity is interwoven with a focus on solving problems. Finnish creativity is an ability to entirely re-imagine the world with the mind of an artist, and with the mind of an engineer, begin to solve things for a better tomorrow.


According to the United Nations, Finland is the happiest country in the world. What makes us so happy, you may ask. From the perspective of creativity, our happiness comes from the freedom to choose your path in life, to strengthen your inner world, to do what you are passionate about. This freedom is the wellspring of Finnish creativity: the ability to see the world in your special way and happily try out new things. Finns are a nation of inventors, with a strong design tradition and unique ways of thinking and doing.


Out of the silence-loving mind have sprung soundproofed spaces, in which you can enjoy peace and quiet during the working day. In fact, we redesign the workday, give our employees an assurance of happiness, relax in our urban lives with the soundscapes of nature, and ask little old ladies to knit us woollen hats that bring sparks of joy into the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Creative Finland is your window into the Finnish creative know-how.

Creative Finland Team

Anu-Katriina Perttunen

Chief Networking Officer

Content & Communications

    Katariina Malmberg

    Project Director

    Administration and Finance

      Essi Niemenmaa

      Communications Coordinator

      Communications and Website

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        Chief Networking Officer, Content and Communications

        Anu-Katriina Perttunen

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        Communications Coordinator, Communications and Website

        Essi Niemenmaa

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        Project Director (from Jan 1, 2020), Administration and Finance

        Katariina Malmberg​

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